Stuffed Potato Skins Sampler

Stuffed potato skins are great – they are easy to do, inexpensive, delicious and what they are stuffed with is limited only by your imagination. From meaty to vegetarian to vegan,  fillings for these spuds can be anything from very healthy to downright decadent!  Serve as a hearty appetizer, snack for watching the Super Bowl, brunch, lunch or even dinner. This trio offers some spice in each one:   Bacon and Pepperjack Cheeese, Queso With Fresh Red Fresno Chiles and  Black Bean Chili, Cheddar and Cilantro.

Bake or microwave the potatoes until tender and allow to cool enough to handle easily. Cut in half and scoop out the center of each half, leaving a solid edge and bottom of potato to create a shell. You can mash up the potato you’ve removed and mix with ingredients of your choice, but I reserved mine to make some potato cakes tomorrow.

Fill with the stuffings, mounding above the rim and bake in a 375 degree oven for about ten minutes. Done!

It was a very tough call, but my favorite of the three was the pepperjack and bacon. Monterey Pepper Jack cheese melts easily and  envelopes the bacon bits, and the chile bits add just the right touch of heat.

This queso type of stuffed skin was simply made with slices of Velveeta and diced Red Fresno chili peppers. Some more diced Red Fresno on top when they came out really spiced things up!

All three of these stuffed potato skins were enhanced by a dollop of sour cream. Plop on top, or serve on the side for dipping.


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