Eat Turkey Bacon – Nutritionist Suggested

A famous nutritionist suggested that real bacon is a better choice than turkey bacon. Since my family just happens to eat turkey bacon regularly that of course, caught my eye.

The reasoning behind choosing regular bacon over turkey bacon turned out to be because of the high sodium content in turkey bacon. Supposedly the saturated fat in bacon is the “lesser of the two evils”.

I’ve never really concerned myself too much with sodium as I have low blood pressure and I try not to eat too many processed foods. Sodium seemed to me to be a lesser evil but then again I’m not a nutritionist or a best-selling nutrition book author, or the Editor in Chief of Men’s Health magazine. So what do I know? Even so I don’t always agree with others nutritionist logic. He claims that you should never eat refried beans either. When I checked the label on the fat-free refried beans that I usually buy the ingredients were “beans and water”.

No fat, no salt, no preservatives, nothing but beans and water. Is there really a problem with that? Do I discount them just because of their name, “refried”? To be fair he may have been referring to Mexican restaurants that lace their refried beans with lard but he didn’t clarify that and if it comes down to believing the book or believing the label,

I think I’ll stick with turkey bacon. I mean, have you seen the greasy sludge that you have to clean up after you cook real bacon? To think about that stuff hanging around in my arteries seems worse than the sodium problem. Cooking real bacon is a special occasion activity.

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